Providing education and support for persons affected by cancer.
"What we raise... Stays!

The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys:
Board of Directors


For more information please call 294-7300

Yvonnie Ametin
Amber Archer-Bosco
Dave Banks
Julio J. Barroso
Gracie Chaney
Rashmi Chobe, M.D.
Mary Cruz, Secretary
Joanne Drabinski
Doria Goodrich
Margarita Guiterrez
Ruth Feurestein
Kitty Green
Mike Henriquez
Mercy Hiller, Chair
Mark Kohl
Eileen Masiello
Rev. Thomas Mullane
Daisey Naseiro
J.W. Parks
Martha Robinson
Rosanna Scalzo, Vice Chair
Lanny Skelly, Treasurer

Tim Koenig, Advisor
Scott Oropeza, Advisor



Please call the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys at (305) 294-7300 for more information about how you can get involved with our work.

The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys, Inc.
P.O. Box 5816
Key West, FL 33045