Providing education and support for persons affected by cancer.
"What we raise... Stays!

Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys

Our Mission Statement

To offer assistance to qualified cancer patients living in the Florida Keys, and to aid them in their quest for education and treatment for their disease, in whatever way possible, whenever possible.

The goal of the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys is to assist qualified patients while undergoing treatment when other financial sources of assistance have been denied or exhausted.

We strive to generate funds through charitable organizations, community involvement and fundraising events from public donors.

We work to sustain a positive public image through education, outreach, and timely communication. We strive to provide wise, appropriate and timely aid to cancer patients of any age, persuasion, or race.

Qualification for financial assistance is based on income eligibility.


What we raise…Stays!

Helping residents of the Florida Keys in their quest to learn ways to treat and pay for this dreaded and expensive disease has become the rallying cry of the Foundation. All of the funds raised by the Cancer Foundation are used to assist cancer patients in the Florida Keys community.

A Florida Keys Foundation

The seed for the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys was first planted by members of cancer support groups in Key West. Recognizing the need for emotional, financial and educational assistance for cancer patients who are living in the Florida Keys, a letter was sent to members of the Monroe County community asking them to join in forming a keys-wide Cancer Foundation. Not surprising, the response was overwhelming and the rest, as they say, is history.

Education is the Key

The Cancer Foundation believes that the first line of offense against cancer is a good defense - an educated decision about prevention and treatment. The Foundation offers help in this key area too!

Part of the goal of the Cancer Foundation is to give the Florida Keys community access to early detection. The Foundation regularly provides screenings for prostate, breast, skin, and colo-rectal cancer.
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If you are in need of assistance, or wish to help the Foundation provide assistance, contact the Cancer Foundation at (305) 294-7300 or via electronic mail at for more information today!